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Unique, engaging, interactive, emotional....

We feel that interactive media offers the ability to truly engage audiences in an emotional way

From simple, playable branded entertainment, to deep, story driven interactive journeys; we believe games can truly leverage the inate human desire for play to create unique, long lasting experiences that can provide much greater engagement than passive media.

Some of Our Games

All Blocked Up

Get your zen on and play in Classic Blocks for a bout of uninterrupted, relaxing puzzle fun, or increase the challenge with Beat The Clock, Bombs or alternate shapes.

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Get All Blocked Up on the Google Play Store

Vexing Lines

Join the dots and cover all the grid points, but don't get vexed! Get your maze puzzle brain on and settle in for some dot-joining fun!
Over 300 levels!

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Get All Blocked Up on the Google Play Store

The Lightbringer

Coming Soon.
A story driven space shooter with a unique visual style and a deep integrated story.

Some of Our Prototypes

These are still in active development... so there will be bugs in there!!!

Lex Talionis: Quest of a Vengeful Spirit

Get your vengence on
Work your way to heaven... or hell.

A top-down, innovative puzzler.

Play in your browser:

Play Lex Talionis, right in your browser!

Sell Out

Sell out your friends, with this single player, or 2 player local co-op/deathmatch, action platformer...

Download the Mac version (unzip on your Mac):

Play Sell Out for Mac...

Download the Windows version (unzip on your PC):

Play Sell Out for Windows...

Super Platform Man

Brutally hard platformer....

'nuff said!

Play in your browser:

Play Super Platform Man in your browser

What's Happening?

We're super busy with a number of different games in the works including a single screen, multi-player, co-op/deathmatch action platformer, a zombie game all based while you're sitting on the dunny, and an endless runner RGP.....

Stay tuned!

Sell Out - a single screen, co-operative deatmatch!

Zombie Dunny Apocalypse & Super Platform Man

Lex Talionis - a top-down, action adventure quest of a vengeful ghost...


Shifty games, for shifty people.

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